Study it Conversation Book 4 - James Rice

Study it Conversation Book 4

By James Rice

  • Release Date: 2017-12-21
  • Genre: テキストブック


Study "It": English as a Second Language series is an engaging textbook for teaching non-native English speakers. It takes advantage of the format to include video and audio in a way that supports the lessons and never feels added on as an "enhancement." The textbook uses a number of different assessment formats to allow users to test themselves throughout the book and see their scores. The book even uses the Note function effectively for long-form answers. While the content of the book is challenging, it makes learning grammar easy and fun. - Digital Book Award Review 

The Study It Conversation series is an exclusively-designed English as a Second Language textbook for students, teachers and language programs.

The Study It Conversation series consists of 8 different levels. Download Book 4 of 8 which is for Intermediate language learners. Excellent for students with an IELTS speaking score of 5 to 6.

The Study It Conversation Book 4 consists of the following:

-Video and Audio exercises
-20 different conversation topics
-Interactive speaking activities
-Vocabulary-building exercises
-Clear Language Points for each conversation topic
-Communicative activities
-Exclusively-designed widgets

Some of the conversation topics include: Giving Advice, Complaining and Apologizing, Podcasts, Idioms, Narrating a Story, Unsolved Mysteries, Emergencies, and many more. 

Each Unit contains vocabulary, listening, speaking, writing and reading practice. As well as an additional review section. 

Easy-to-use and easy-to-download.